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Traffic Ticket Representation

Your phone consultation is free. Our goal is to get your traffic ticket reduced using our legal expertise. This being our day to day routine, we have learned to get the results you need. If your civil infraction citation isn’t reduced you will receive your money back.

After retained

Our attorneys are very knowledgeable with the Michigan Traffic Ticket Laws. We will file all appearances for you. We will attend any hearings scheduled and keep you updated throughout the whole process. We will notify you of any settlement offers. If pleased we will settle your case and notify you of the fine amount and due date.

Advantage of TicketPro

Hiring an attorney to handle your case makes a big difference. TicketFix Pro knows the difference between a citation that shows on your record vs a citation that does not. Just because you are told your offence is zero points it might still show on your record. Even worse, your insurance company may be able to see the citation and raise your rates.